Our Principles

Environment & Sustainability We link tradition with the future

We are proud of our 300-year history and tradition

  • We make a useful contribution to the overall

We treat our resources respectfully and take care of our environment

We take strategic opportunities responsibly and without putting the company at risk

  • We control economic risks through our activities
    in different business fields
  • We put our long-term future stability above short-
    term profit maximization

Ownership & Investments We are a family-owned company

We are privately owned by the Knill family

  • We retain an independence status in our holding companies

With our holdings, we act as strategic investors

  • We strive for long-term majority investments

Organization & Cooperation We are a group of companies

We have a decentralized organisation

  • Our executives and employees are autonomous
  • We create organizational units that make
    economic sense
  • We rely on short decision processes

We put the group’s interest above individual interests

  • Our companies are obliged to order competitive
    products and services internally
  • We take advantage of synergies within our group

Growth & Earnings We strive for profitable growth

We target market leadership and grow in our strategic target markets

We expand through selected acquisitions and organic growth

We focus on consistently achieving profits

  • An adequate return on investment is a clear objective
  • We have access to funds to secure and further develop the group

Innovation & Quality We stand for innovation & quality

We find new paths and question conventional solutions

  • Our customers consider us to be an innovative partner
  • We act quickly and we are flexible

We guarantee high product and service quality

  • Our brands are synonymous with quality

We are the fastest in our business

  • We act quick and flexible

We improve our products and processes permanently

  • We cooperate with our customers, suppliers, research institutions, and universities

Customer Focus We inspire our customers

We continuously identify our customersneeds

  • We enter into continuous dialogue with our customers
  • We measure customer satisfaction

We create added value for our customers

  • We study the marketplace and proactively offer
    our customers innovative solutions

Focus on Goals & Results We achieve profitable growth through outstanding achievements

We strengthen our organization and each and every one of our employees

  • We look for the best employees and foster the skills of everyone
  • We constantly optimize our processes and our use of resources

We focus on achievements

  • We use our agreed-upon goals and achieved results as guidance
  • Achievement is evaluated and feedback is given
  • We compare ourselves to the best of the best, also in other lines of business

We balance strategic and short-term goals

  • Having ownership continuity creates security and stability
  • We provide guidance through vision, mission,
    guiding principles, strategies and goals

Teamwork We are a team

We are effective through teamwork

  • Our objectives facilitate teamwork
  • We appreciate and acknowledge team achievements
  • We allow room for individuality

We focus on comprehensive business processes 

  • We work in cross functional teams within departments and companies
  • We define and optimize our processes

All employees understand their role within the organization 

  • All employees know their personal contribution towards the common goal
  • We conduct employee evaluations and clarify roles and tasks

Joy & Enthusiasm We are enthusiastic about our work

We consider that loving what you do is a significant contributor to success

  • We offer our employees an attractive work environment
  • We give and receive praise and recognition for special achievements

We foster our employeesstrengths

  • Executives actively point out strengths
  • During goal setting and development measures,
    we primarily focus on strengths

We are proud of our company and demonstrate it

  • We recommend our company
  • We proudly present our company to the general public

Respect & Trust We base our actions on respect and trust

We are friendly with each other and treat each other with respect

  • We treat everyone with kindness and fairness, and give them the attention they deserve, which includes greeting each other warmly and being punctual
  • We honor agreements
  • We ask questions, listen and take different points of view seriously

We create awareness of different cultures and respect

  • We offer inter-cultural training and language courses
  • We organize company-wide international get-togethers and activities

We rely on trust, open constructive dialogue and being responsible for one’s self

  • We bring everything to the table, including problems
  • We encourage all employees to actively contribute ideas and solutions
  • We communicate clearly and directly
  • We talk to each other and not about each other