Energy Systems

With their systems and solutions for the energy transmission and distribution our companies are strategic partners for the international energy supply companies and network operators. Besides fittings and damping systems for high-voltage overhead lines up to 1,200 kV the companies develop and produce distribution systems up to 45 kV. Further digital services such as monitoring systems for the efficient transmission line management are being offered. Highly specific components for outdoor-substations between 132 and 1,000 kV as well as railway systems round-off the product portfolio. In each product area complete turnkey-systems, always adapted to local conditions, are also offered like specific customized components. With production sites in Europe and Asia we ensure competitive and innovative solutions.

Transmission & Distribution

  • Fittings for Overhead Transmission lines up to 1,200 kV: string fittings, fittings for OPGW, OPPC and ADSS, end fittings for composite insulators, fittings for high-temperature conductors and fittings for deep-temperature charpy level
  • Damping systems such as spacers and spacer dampers, vibration dampers as well as field studies, analysis and measurements
  • Low and medium-voltage fittings up to 45 kV: fittings, terminations, insulators and protection for bare conductor, as well as for ABC solutions, solutions for medium voltage covered conductor overhead lines and innovative, durable and environmentally friendly composite utility poles

Substation Equipment

The safe energy transmission over new and extended substations is ensured with our connection technology. This includes connectors, clamps, string sets, conductors and busbars from 132 up to 1,000 kV.


For the railway infrastructure we deliver catenary products for the electrification of railway and metro-systems. Our products are applied at the sliding contact and where electricity is needed for the railway system.

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