300 years KNILL Gruppe

(Weiz, January 2012) The worldwide active, family-owned KNILL Gruppe celebrates its 300 year anniversary during 2012. Also the 200 Mio. Euro sales threshold will be exceeded for the first time in the group’s history.

Twelve generations led the blade forge in Weiz to an international high-tech group of companies, which today produces components and systems for the worldwide energy and communication infrastructure.

A historical review:
Everything began in 1712 when the blacksmith Josef Mosdorfer came to Weiz from Bayern. He married the widow Anna Lehr and further led the blade forge in Weiz.

Since that time the forge is known under the name “Mosdorfer”. In the middle of the 18th century entered mass production and reached monopoly position in the delivery of the imperial army with sabres. Also the first brand was developed in the 18th century named – “Drei Klingen”. In 1784 Mosdorfer expanded the product program and obtained the license for the sickle production.

All Mosdorfers played an active role in society, thus the first major of Weiz was a Mosdorfer in 1850 – two others followed. Even the Mosdorfer-wifes supported social projects such as the foundation of the kindergarten or hospital in Weiz.

In 1915 Moritz Mosdorfer took over the company – he was the last male Mosdorfer. With the marriage of his second daughter Herta Mosdorfer and Friedrich Knill the “KNILL era” began.

Under the management of Friedrich KNILL Mosdorfer received the first order of fittings for the 220 kV overhead transmission line in Kaprun-Ernsthofen. In 1974 his son Gunther KNILL took over the management and led the individual company to an international renowned group of companies. For nearly ten years now Georg and Christian Knill lead the group.

The KNILL Gruppe today comprises of 26 companies with more than 1.600 employees in 15 different countries of the world. In the business year 2011/2012 the group will for the first time exceed the sales threshold of 200 Mio. Euros.  

The KNILL Gruppe celebrates the 300 year anniversary with events for all stakeholders during the entire year. The kick-off was the anniversary ball on the 13th January in the forumKloster in Gleisdorf, where 440 employees from 14 different countries celebrated together. The celebrations continue with an “Open House” on the 2nd June and the re-opening of the company museum. On the 26th June the partners of KNILL Gruppe will be invited to a classic Styriarte concert in the Weizberg church. The last event of the anniversary year is the “i-conference” for the international customers from the 12th until 14th September.

Historical Pictures

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