Cabinet Systems

In this business area the companies of Knill Energy develop and manufacture cabinet and cooling systems for special applications in the energy distribution, telecommunication, traffic and industrial area. With more than 40 years of experience the companies are internationally leading suppliers today. The continuous development of the product program allows best customized solutions.

The product range of cabinet and enclosure systems includes cabinets made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, which is especially weather and UV-resistant as well as high-quality enclosure systems in light-metal technology. Particular attention is given to the air conditioning equipment. There are intelligent and energy-efficient heat exchanger, compact filter systems and cooling devices available. Optimally used and adapted to the specific needs, they guarantee the safe operation of the equipment.

For years there has been a strong focus on the development of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with the charging stations “e-spot”.

The product program consists of:

  • Cabinet and enclosure systems made of glass fiber reinforced polyester and in light-metal technology
  • Cooling systems
  • Distribution and metering cabinets
  • Charging stations “e-spot”
  • Special cabinets
  • Low voltage switchgears
  • Bases
  • Hot pressed components and special Tools



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Cabinet Systems

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